We have numerous opportunities for student leadership here at Netherwood Academy. These include prefects, student councillors, anti-bullying ambassadors and subject leaders such as sports leaders all play a key role in representing school and leading activities for other students.
Being involved as a leader helps our students in so many ways; it helps to build confidence, improve teamwork, encourage problem solving and gives a sense of responsibility.

Prefects are role models for all students in school and represent school at key events such as parents evenings and coffee mornings for elderly local residents. They are integral in the transition process with our new Year 7s, accompanying them around school on the first three transition days, enabling a seamless integration into Netherwood Academy. Prefects have regular meetings with their Head of Year to discuss ideas of what they would like to do in school, and this is implemented regularly.

Student councillors are elected by their peers and are an important link between students and school leaders. Issues that arise in our regular meetings are fed back to school leaders along with student councillors’ suggestions for improvement. Student councillors have also had key input on the rewards system, with opinions sought on the 5-star learner and the end of year rewards. Student councillors play an integral role in planning school events such as Pride Month and Women’s History Month. Student Councillors spoke eloquently in assembly about feminism and the impact of sexism and in another assembly around Pride Month students spoke of their experiences of being trans and what
effect hurtful words had on them.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors believe that bullying behaviour is not acceptable and should not be part of everyday life at school. They support others and are upstanders against bullying behaviour and a support network for their peers. They stand to shape attitudes and change behaviours. Our anti-bullying ambassadors complete the Diana Award training for young people to enable them to tackle bullying behaviour and create a safer, kinder school community.