Health and Wellbeing At Netherwood Academy, all staff sensitively teach lessons to help our students identify signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships and their impact. We aim to develop knowledge and understanding of the different types of families and relationships, including LGBTQ+. Students are shown how to develop positive and healthy relationships with their peers, both now and in the future, as well as demonstrating respect for themselves and others. Students will also develop knowledge and understanding of their own emotions, so they are able to manage them effectively.
Sex Education is taught from Year 9 by specialist staff who provide information about sexual health, intimacy and staying safe in sexual relationships as directed by the DfE’s statutory guidance on RSE.
Parents have the right to withdraw their child from sex education but not from lessons on relationships.

Click to view Netherwood Academy’s RSE policy 2023-2024:

NWA RSE policy