It Stops Now

The ‘It Stops Now’ campaign is a high profile, whole school approach to tackling key issues across the school community. ‘It Stops Now’ runs throughout the academic year and includes relevant and specific themes at key points, each reflecting the needs of our students, the school and the local community.

Topics include:
• Sexual Harassment
• Racism
• Bullying
• Using derogatory language
• Homophobia

The aim of the ‘It Stops Now’ campaign is not only to educate students on how to deal with these incidents, but also to provide knowledge and understanding of the short and long-term impact of being involved in such incidents, both in and outside of school. This will also provide a greater understanding of what constitutes racism, homophobia and sexual harassment etc., empowering students to report such incidents.

With this increased understanding amongst students, Netherwood Academy aims to reduce incidents of this nature not only within the school, but also in the local community. Students learn to understand the importance of the whole community taking a stand against this kind of behaviour, changing the culture, and ensuring students feel safe in the Academy and beyond.

Morning Address
The start of the day is the most important. The purpose of a morning address is to ensure a calm, organised and purposeful
start to every day. The morning address will be led by Progress Leaders, Heads of Year and senior staff, and supported by form tutors. Staff will check for any uniform issues and ensure that all students are ready to learn. It sets the tone and standards at the beginning of each day.
Each week has a theme linked to important character traits and developing good habits. It is also an opportunity to cultivate the school’s culture and over communicate our vision, values, and ethos on a regular basis. The themes each week will link to and complement the PSHE and form time curriculum to reinforce key messages across the whole school. Morning Address also provides an opportunity to publicly reward students, celebrate success and draw attention to national or significant events. Examples of the themes covered each week include: scholarship, tenacity, resilience, respect, kindness, responsibility.