Frequently Asked Questions

We are very excited for September! A few questions have been asked several times so we thought we would clarify a few points.

1) Year Seven start school on Friday 3rd September at 08:25. Gates will be open from 08:15. They are the only year group in on this day which will give the students a chance to explore the school, meet their tutor and tutor group and complete some in person transition activities. All other year groups will return on Monday 06th September.

2) The school day is made up of form time, five lessons, a fifteen-minute break and a thirty-minute lunch break. Year Seven have their break at 09:50-10:05 and lunch at 12:05-12:35. They will share their lunch break with Year Ten and Year Eleven. The school day ends at 14:35. After school clubs and detentions run between 14:35 and 15:15.

3) The rule regarding school shoes is that they must be completely black, waterproof and of leather/leather look type. No canvas or mesh parts. No areas/logos of any other colour.

4) Students do not need a pass for the school bus. They only need to be in Netherwood uniform.

5) Students are not usually able to use the lifts in school. A temporary lift pass may be given if a student has an injury that means they would be unsafe taking the stairs. If a student has a long term health condition which means they may be unsafe on the stairs, a long term lift pass may be issued. If you feel your child needs one of these passes, please email with your child’s name and medical evidence showing the need to avoid stairs.

6) Information about afterschool clubs will be sent out as they become available.

Kindest regards,

Mrs. Gwynnette and Ms. Brennan.