This Morning Year 8,9 & 10 were entertained by the band New Kings Order delivering an important message.

The band performed songs by 1 Direction and Little Mix among others and spoke to them about cyberbullying and staying safe online. They spoke about privacy settings and looking out for each other online – an important message we repeat regularly to our students.

They talked about things you shouldn’t post online or send using apps like snapchat and also explained how a person’s digital footprint would never disappear and would stay online forever. The group also explained how your social media posts and/or messages could impact future jobs in 5, 10 or 20 years.

The group wanted our students to understand how cyberbullying can affect people and impact mental health and that speaking to someone (a family member, teacher or friend) was a great way to get help and start making things better.

We would like to thank New Kings Order for coming into school – the students really enjoyed the performance!

For more information and advice visit our Mental Health Self-Help page on the school website.