We have received some enquiries from parents of Y11 students.

At the moment, Year 11 will be taught as normal. In the event of any change in Academy staffing due to illness we  will endeavour to prioritise Year 11 as they approach their examinations.

In the event of Government specific instructions, we will implement a contingency plan and parents will be informed.   


Today we have received notifications from a small number of parents advising that their children will not be attending school due to a decision to self-isolate. Where possible we will forward work or links to work as soon as possible.

We have also received referrals from individual students claiming symptoms that the Government has  described.  These are difficult situations for academy staff to respond to but my default position is that parents/carers will have assessed the fitness of their children to attend the academy prior to their leaving home in the morning.  Other than in extreme circumstances, initiated by the parent, I do not expect to be giving permission for students to go home or be excused lessons.  I will be relying on parents’ assessment of their child’s ability to attend the academy the following day.  I hope this makes sense and is regarded as a reasonable action.