To download on iPhone – please CLICK HERE

To download on Android –  please CLICK HERE

The Astrea App is the new and improved way to communicate with school – its also FREE and easy to use.

This is an excellent communication system that allows us to send you important updates directly to your phone. This will mean less chance of losing paper copies of letters and we will become economically friendly by saving paper. We have embedded links such as ParentPay and Show My Homework into the app so you will have everything you need in one app. One advantage is that you will be able to message us to report absences rather than calling the absence telephone line.

Please note – the Astrea App is linked to the Priority 1 contact number only. Therefore if you require other priority contacts to receive information via the app then please amend them to priority 1 and ensure the app is downloaded on each separate device.

Please download the Astrea app from the Apple App Store/Google Play on your mobile phone. Search for Netherwood Academy and enter your full name, mobile number and e-mail address. A security code will be generated which you will need to enter. Once this is completed, your child’s details will be synchronised overnight.