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Netherwood Academy is committed to offering a broad and balanced curriculum to our students that is enjoyable, engaging and one which stretches and challenges students to achieve their potential and beyond. We have a two year KS3, and a three year KS4.

Option subjects are studied from Years 9 to 11 with no early entry examinations.


English – 4 lessons
Maths – 4 lessons
Science – 3 lessons
History – 2 lessons
Geography – 2 lessons
PSE – 1 lesson
Computer Science – 1 lesson
PE – 2 lessons
Music, Art, Drama – 1 lesson each
MFL – 2 lessons
DT and Food Technology – 1 lesson (carousel of the different areas)


Year 7 are arranged in two parallel half year groups so that students can move between sets on both sides.  Maths, English and Science are timetabled in blocks so that they can set independently of other subject areas (English is currently mixed ability). The other subjects all have mixed ability groups. Average class sizes are around 26.


Year 8 follow the same curriculum subjects as Year 7.


Students begin to study for their GCSEs in some subjects in Year 9.
Students have a standard curriculum as follows:
English – 5 lessons
Maths – 4 lessons

Science – 5 lessons
Humanities (either History or Geography as well as Spanish for the majority of students) – 4 lessons
Citizenship/PSE – 1 lesson
PE – 2 lessons
Option subjects (two) – 2 lessons each


Year 9 are arranged in two parallel half year groups so that students can move between sets on both sides. English, Maths and Science are blocked so they can set independently of other subjects. There is also an element of setting in some option subjects where there is more than one group for a particular option in a block. Class sizes vary between 20 and 30 depending on the subject and the set.


Students choose either History or Geography (they can opt to continue with both but this would take one of their open options and is dependent on staffing levels in these subjects). A majority of students are selected to continue with a language (currently Spanish).

Students have 2 open options and most combinations are possible (however, it is not possible to do both Dance and Performing Arts or both Art and Art textiles as the courses are too similar).

Options usually on offer: Computer Science, Citizenship, Media, Food, Imedia, Art Textiles, Graphics, PE, Dance, Art, Performing Arts, Music and Engineering.


Year 10 follow the same curriculum subjects as Year 9 but with 1 lesson of PE and an additional Maths lesson instead.


Year 11 follow the same curriculum as Years 10.

There are intervention groups during form time for students needing extra support in English, Maths or Science


A small number of students in KS3 and KS4 access the alternative provision at Netherwood. The curriculum for these students is more bespoke.


There is an extensive extra-curricular programme running in school (see separate section of the website) incorporating sports, performing arts, technology, academic revision sessions, homework catch-up and lots more. There is also a range of trips running in different subject areas.

Netherwood Curriculum Response to Attainment and Progress 8

The Government announced changes to the performance table key measures which took effect from September 2016.

This involves each student receiving an average grade across 8 subjects and a progress score across 8 subjects. The 8 subjects must be taken from the following categories:

  • Category 1 – English Language or English Literature
  • Category 2 – Maths
  • Category 3 – 3 of the following subjects – Science, Computer Science, History, Geography or a Modern Foreign Language
  • Category 4 – 3 subjects from a highly regarded list of subjects (produced by the DFE) which can also include any remaining subjects from category 3 and English Language or Literature. This also includes some BTEC and vocational subjects.

In response to these changes Netherwood took the following actions:

  • All students must continue to study either History or Geography.
  • Many students continue to study a language in Years 9-11.
  • Computer Science is offered to students who we feel will succeed with the qualification.
  • All students will study English Literature at GCSE.
  • We will continue to offer a range of subjects to give them a breadth of study so that their options once they leave school are still varied.

Curriculum provision is personalised to suit the needs of our students at Netherwood and their success is upmost in our minds. We advise students which pathways are most suitable for them in order for them to reach their full potential.

Information about each of the different subject areas can be found by clicking the links below.

Curriculum Leaders:

If you require paper copies of any polices then please do not hesitate to contact the academy using the Contact link above.