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Netherwood Academy Attendance Policy and Procedure

Netherwood Academy seeks to ensure that all its students receive an education which enables them to reach their full potential.

Research shows a strong link between good attendance and increased attainment so we strive for each of our students to achieve attendance that is   at least in line with national average at 97%.

Through partnership working with parents and other agencies we implement robust strategies to manage and promote regular attendance, for all students at Netherwood Academy.

In Order to manage and promote regular attendance, Netherwood Academy will:

  • Keep parents regularly updated on the overall attendance and individual pupil attendance, via letters home, newsletters, social media and the Academy website.
  • Report to parents how their child is achieving in school and how their child’s attendance is impacting on this, via regular parent evenings.
  • Monitor individual student’s attendance in order to:

Celebrate good and improved attendance and reward this through competitions, certificates and events.

Notify parents when we are worried about their child’s attendance by following the procedure below:

  • Follow up any unexplained absences on the first day of absence via the Academy text messaging service and through parental contact. Where no response is received, the absence will be coded as unauthorised, a visit to the family home will be conducted by a member of Academy staff if the absence remains unexplained for three school days.
  • Where attendance falls below the school target of 97% a letter will be sent to parents informing them of this with a four week monitoring period for improvement.
  • Where attendance continues to fall following a letter, the Academy will send an invitation to the parents and child to attend a meeting with the relevant member of staff to discuss the current attendance and remove any barriers to attendance, this will be followed by a further four week monitoring period to assess the impact of this early intervention. If this intervention is successful students will be praised and rewarded for their contribution to this.
  • In cases where attendance continues to fall despite the intervention from the student manager, parents and the child will be invited into school to meet with the Attendance Manager and the Astrea Education Welfare Officer to discuss any on- going barriers to attendance and to implement a robust plan which, where appropriate will include the completion of an Early help Assessment in order to gain a full understanding of the barriers to attendance and enlist the support of other agencies. Attendance will be monitored for a further four school weeks during this period the Attendance Manager or in cases where attendance is below 90% the Astrea EWO will continue to provide any on-going intervention identified through the Early Help Assessment/ Action plan. From this point any further absences will only be authorised if parents provide the Academy with supporting information such as health appointments and medical evidence if required.
  • In cases where Attendance continues to fall despite this intervention and the ongoing intervention of the Astrea Education Welfare Officer. The Astrea Education Welfare Officer will prepare the case for referral to the Local Authority Education Welfare service, who will assess the case for allocation and consider the case for legal intervention.

Netherwood Academy expects parents to:

  • Impress to their child the importance of regular school attendance and the link between good attendance and attainment
  • Keep absences to a minimum, ensuring that their children are only absent when they are genuinely too sick to attend and ensuring their attendance as soon as they are fit to return.
  • Establish effective communication with the Academy to swiftly address any worries their child may have about any aspect of their education, so that we can work together to resolve this, in these instances parents should contact their child’s student manager who will know your child and will be happy to support you and your child to ensure your child can attend regularly and reach their full potential
  • Contact the Academy on the 1st day of absence to inform of the reason for absence and the expected return date keeping the Academy informed daily if the absence is likely to continue so we can ensure your child is safe, and in instances where absence is going to be continual the Academy and partner agencies can ensure that amendments or alternatives are made to provision as and when required.
  • Provide the Academy with any medical appointment cards, and where ever possible make appointments out of school hours. Where this is not possible, ensure that young people attend prior to or following their appointment.
  • Attend any meetings called by the Academy and partner agencies to work together to improve attendance.

In order to Support the Academy in managing matters of poor attendance the Local Authority Education Welfare Service will;

  • Receive referrals from the Academy to address matters of poor school attendance by:
  1. Visiting parents homes to undertake an assessment of need, in order to challenge and resolve matters of poor school attendance.
  2. b) Support the Academy to involve other agencies where appropriate, such as the school nurses.

In situations where all other strategies have failed to improve school attendance, Education Welfare Service will enforce the law; under section 4441(A) of the Education Act. This may result in fines up to £2,500, a custodial sentence and/or a Parenting Order.

Guidance Notes for Netherwood Academy staff and parents

Registration begins at 8.25 am.  Students should be ready at 8.20am by their classroom for morning register.

Morning registers should all be completed by 8.40am at the latest.  Afternoon registers should be completed by 12pm.

Any pupils arriving after these times should report to the Student Hub so that they can be given a late mark and slip for their teacher, pupils arriving after 8.55am should report with a reason for absence as registration is closed at this point.  The number of minutes late is to be recorded by staff in order to measure the impact of lost education due to late arrival. Students will be expected to stay at the end of the day to make up the minutes late in cases where there is no valid reason for the late arrival to registration.


Parents are expected to inform school of the reason for absences, however, it is school who make the decision whether to authorise or unauthorise the absence. School will make this decision based on the information available to them. Parents are encouraged to provide as much information as possible and information such as appointment cards, medication or application for leave of absence will assist school in making this decision.

Request for leave of absence in term time.

Netherwood Academy have adopted the local authority policy in respect of Leave of absence in term time. In instances where parents do not complete a leave of absence form, the absence will automatically be unauthorised.

Absence for participation in a performance.

In these instances Netherwood Academy will follow Local Authorities guidance and by-laws, working in partnership with Education Welfare Service to ensure that any performance absence is within the parameters of the law.


Your child may be at risk of harm if they do not attend school regularly. Safeguarding children is everyone’s responsibility. The following policies all link into our Safeguarding policy to ensure that we are working together to safeguard children:-




Health and Safety

Netherwood Academy have also adopted the Local Authority polices and procedures on Children Missing Education, Elective home Education and leave of absence during in term time and the use of Fixed Penalty Notices.

All these policies have been endorsed by our Trust, who support the Academy in all attempts to improve the attendance and the safeguarding agenda.