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Barnsley Authority is the admissions authority for all community and voluntary controlled schools within the administrative area of Barnsley and these admission arrangements only apply to these schools.

A list of schools is provided at Annex 1 with their admission numbers.

Admission to all the Authority’s schools is into the Relevant Year Group which is:
Reception Year group in primary schools;
Year 7 in secondary schools.

Schools are required to admit children up to their admission number in the Relevant year group.

Attendance at a nursery unit attached to a primary school does not guarantee a place at that school.

The Authority does not operate defined communities (catchment areas) or feeder primary schools for allocating places in secondary schools.

Nothing in these arrangements relates to:

  1. the admission to the sixth form at Penistone Grammar School;
  2. voluntary aided schools, trust schools, Academies
  3. any school which becomes their own admission authority following
    the determination of these admission arrangements

The Governing Bodies of these schools are the admission authority for their respective arrangements.

The time table for the normal admissions round is given at Annex 2.

Definition of the normal admission round is the process by which:

  1. an application for the admission of a child to a relevant age group at a school is submitted in accordance with the requirements of the scheme;
  2. that application is considered by the relevant admission authority for the school in determining, in accordance with the school’s admission arrangements, the order of priority in which the application is ranked; and
  3. a determination relating to that application is communicated to the parent on the offer day.