Humanutopia are at Netherwood.

Humanutopia is a social enterprise company that creates and runs inspirational, life changing courses for young people and adults in schools across the UK.   It involves a full day off timetable taking part in a project called “Who am I” the full day experience deals with important teenage issues around personal awareness, peer pressure and conformity.  It will also encourage the students to reflect on their life chances, encouraging them to have high hopes and aspirations for their future and the experience is designed to empower young people to develop critical life skills and take motivation and ownership of their education.

On Wednesday Year 8 enjoyed a session run by Stevie and Tamara and took part in different activities around the ‘Who am I’ project. The students delved into listening and group tasks as well as a few interactive activities. The feedback from both staff and students was positive. It was nice to see an event take place safely and sensibly while adhering to Covid-19 regulations.

Year 9 will have their session on Friday 7th May.